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Our Green Symbol
There is currently no eco-certification for marketing materials and processes. But our green symbol used in the portfolio section denotes projects that meet our standards: they employ at least one of the 3R criteria—reduce, reuse, recycle—or replace a normally wasteful or toxic product with a green alternative. More green design info here...

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Sustainability, in both intention and practice, are key to teh new economy.


Markets built on short-term gain do not last. A profit-only economic model is both foolish and outmoded. Sustainable products and emerging green practices provide a deeper, more satisfying business experience. They’re more ethical. More sensible. And in great demand. This is no passing trend—it’s a new way of doing business. So we’re adopting exciting ideas and technologies to make Daniel Cook Design, Inc. function sustainably—and we can help our clients do the same.

One big factor in sustainability is green design and marketing. Low-impact printed or manufactured materials such as soy-based inks, recycled paper, and non-toxic or biodegradable components make a difference. The green banner featured in our portfolio is a good example of how we respond to client requests for something greener.

Sophisticated use of Internet marketing can also be environmentally responsible. Every day more adults in the 30+ age groups are using Web 2.0 social networking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. These tools can propel your business or organization to greater prominence for bigger market share. We offer expertise in using these methods efficiently and cost-effectively.


People: We do business as if people matter—because they do. Every professional relationship is a valued collaboration, and we suggest local, green, fair trade and/or cruelty-and exploitation-free materials and services whenever possible.

Planet: In the 21st century, marketing can no longer be wasteful or inefficient. Design that respects the message and the planet by incorporating sustainable materials and low-waste methods is our constant concern.

Profit: Financial profit keeps businesses healthy. We add “human profit” to this equation. Many of our professional relationships are decades old because we make your input our guide and your satisfaction our goal.


  • Clean graphic and web design that makes an impact
  • User- and client-friendly web design
  • Branding, marketing and strategic planning
  • Planning environmentally-friendly marketing that's cost-effective
  • Working creatively within small budgets
  • International design and packaging; complete localization services
  • Assembling and coordinating "virtual teams" of talented professionals with
    a range of design and technological skills
  • Listening, team-building and negotiation
  • Project management—big picture vision with excellent follow-up on details


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Net-zero carbon web hosting. Entire facility is solar powered.

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