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Our Green Symbol :
Used in the portfolio section denotes projects that meet our standards: they employ at least one of the 3R criteria — reduce, reuse, recycle — or replace a normally wasteful or toxic product with a green alternative.

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Ecofont :
Introducing Spranq, an innovative and free font that reduces desktop printer ink by 20% while maintaining quality with type up to 10 pt.

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For many years we have adhered to the simple reduce/reuse/recycle rule. It's clear now that's not enough. Consumers, markets, and nature itself have changed how the world does business. We're committed to implementing more sustainable practices in our office and for our clients.


To acheive sustainability, we commit to:

  1. Becoming a certified green business under the Monterey Bay Green
  2. Search out innovation in sustainable design and marketing
  3. Offer sustainable choices and education to our clients
  4. Become leaders in sustainable marketing and business practices


Demand for sustainable products has boomed despite the downturn (see articles Consumer's Demand for Sustainable Products Remains Strong, and Consumers are Ready to Spend More Green on "Green"). This year, for example, Baby Boomers have
discovered Web 2.0 and created a huge influx of new Facebook members in their 40s and 50s. This means companies' value-added will be judged both by its sustainability and its social network connectivity. Mere "greenwashing" doesn't fool today's consumers. Fortunately, online marketing is one way to increase sustainability,
especially coupled with zero-carbon web hosting. Smart companies use green marketing methods and green materials. Among the approaches we offer:

  1. Recycled paper, soy-based inks and local printers
  2. Design of effective yet low-impact packaging and specialty advertising
  3. Green trade show graphics and materials
  4. Use of Web 2.0 and email advertising and marketing methods
  5. Consultation in cost-effective green options
  6. Planning for the future: regenerative commerce

We're equally committed to our clients' successes, our community and the planet.


INSPIRATION : What do kids and entrepreneurs have in common?

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Net-zero carbon web hosting. Entire facility is solar powered.

Green Banners :
Our source for truly green banners and trade show prints. Let us design your materials and help you select from many eco-material options.

Paper Specs :
All about printing papers with emphasis on recycled options and information


E :
Up to date information on environmental issues and green living

Bioneers :
Revolution from the heart of nature. Emerging trends and inspiring leadership for a new way to live on Earth

Springwise - Eco & Sustainability :
Hot eco trends and products sourced by 8,000 spotters at Springwise



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